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Prospect Hill Farm is located in Galena, OH, approximately 25 miles northeast of Columbus. The farm has been in our family for over 60 years, and has hosted a variety of livestock, including both beef and dairy cattle herds, horses, sheep, rabbits, chickens, a few hogs, and goats which is what we now primarily raise. The farm name came from historical maps that referenced the name prospect.

Today, Julie Lucas raises dairy goats on the farm, with the help of her children and grandchildren. Their herd consists of roughly 25 registered dairy goats (which quickly multiplies every spring), including Lamanchas, Toggenburgs, & Recorded Grades.

Our passion for these beloved creatures began when Julie first joined 4-H as a young child. Her dad was working both in town and farming full time and had developed a very painful stomach ulcer. Someone suggested he try drinking goat’s milk, so he bought Julie a goat to take in 4-H. When the doe freshened two years later, he started drinking the milk and within six months was free of the painful ulcer. By that time, Julie was completely hooked on raising these wonderful animals.

After graduating from high school, Julie went to college and then served in the U.S. Navy. After twelve years of service, it was time to come home and she moved with her son and daughter back to the farm on which she was raised. Within two years, she had purchased three Nubian does and started a new dairy goat herd with her daughter. Christie quickly fell in love with these animals as well, and the passion for raising and showing goats had passed onto the next generation.

Every summer, the family attends a variety of regional open class goat shows throughout the state of Ohio, as well as the Ohio State Fair. They also show their goats at the at the North American International Livestock Expo in Louisville, KY and the ADGA National Show when it is within a reasonable driving distance. The shows provide an excellent way to market their herd, while also providing an opportunity to compare notes with other goat breeders.

All of their goats are properly cared for through sound herd management practices and affection. Visitors that walk into the barn are immediately impressed with the friendliness of the goats and the care given to so many. If you are interested in buying one of these wonderful goats, please visit the for sale page to see who is currently for sale.

Thank you for visiting our web page and our goats.

Thank you for visiting our web page and our goats.